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Keep Members Close

Strengthen relations, improve the communication, send reminders on important dates, and get ready to receive more people at your activities and services.

Increase Revenue

Increase your sources of income, receive payments on time, and accept new payment methods.

Gain Control

Reduce administrative tasks and paperwork, control all departments and run your congregations smoothly.


Smart Notifications

Send automated notifications based on the Jewish Calendar. Remind your members about their important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries and Yahrzeits.

Email and Whatsapp.


Manage all your contacts and track all their activities. Manage relationships and improve interaction with members.

Revenue Management

Receive and manage payments, donations and pledges. Keep your members updated on their balance. Send invoices and payment reminders.

Sell Products & Services

Let your members buy products and services, sponsor a Kiddush, book an Aliya, make donations or get any other additional service.

Email Campaigns

With the email marketing tools promote your activities and send the right information to the right people.

Receive Payments

Integrate your payment gateway and start accepting different payment methods. Receive donations or payments for products or services you offer.

Dashboard & Reports

All the information you need to run your organization and make the right desicions.

20+ Languages

If you live in the other corner of the world, we have you covered! Set up the platform in your main language.


All your data will be stored on the cloud. You can access from anywhere and from any device.


Integrate with Quickbooks, Zapier and many other apps. 


Plans & Pricing


$ 89


USD / monthly

Up to 200 contacts

1 user

Includes all features

$ 139


USD / monthly

Up to 2.000 contacts

Up to 3 users

Includes all features

$ 289


USD / monthly

Unlimited contacts

Up to 5 users

Includes all features




The Mohel Edition

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